So what’s the difference?

I’ve noticed a few strange things on this travel journey.
Here, you have  to pay to go to the beach. sometimes there is admission for entrance, sometimes there is fee for parking. many beaches are in the neighborhood and owned by the town.

the ants I saw in Chesterfield,CT yesterday were gigantic……think A BUGS LIFE!    There were not many of them, but they were big enough to haul away a French Fry.

the roundabouts, here called a rotary, are an unquestionable free-for-all. I’m talking chaos and deathtrap combined. The ones in Cape Cod were most horrible. Think three cars deep with no lines, going in varying directions.

On the interstate on RI, CT, & MA, the on ramp dumps directly onto the interstate,– No merge lane!  If you are on the right lane of traffic, prepare to get bowled over!


Let me hear from you; I love what you have to say.

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