Land of ten thousand lakes


Spring 1998
It was my mother’s idea to go to Minnesota. She had a desire to go to The Mall of America. In my married life, it was our first Mother-Daughter-See-America trips.
As became our custom, we would fly to our destination on a Friday, then take a tour on Saturday, then fly back home on Sunday afternoon.
In Minnesota, we visited The Mall of America; even though I am not a shopper, it was quite a thrill and it was indeed excessively large, complete with an Amusement Park.

Also, it was our first time staying at a Doubletree Hotell. We fell in love with their cookies. You may know that The mall of America is actually in Bloomington, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis/Saint Paul. The hotel was in Bloomington and we were on Greyline tour bus to escort us to major sightseeing around the larger metro

Decades ago, in the pre-blog era, I developed a habit of writing about my trips on Hotel Letterhead, wherever I traveled. I still have those journals and their juicy details.


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