Westward Wonders

Spring 1999
I’m not sure whose idea it was to travel to Utah. Perhaps I wanted to do geneaology research. Perhaps Mama had another bright idea. But we made our way out west to Salt Lake City.

We found a lovely hotel in the downtown area; it was near a mall. I remember making my first trip to Nordstrom’s. I purchased what I thought to be a very nice leather belt there; disappointingly,after a few years of wear, the buckle broke on one belt and the other belt became worn. I guess I thought merchandise from Nordstrom was supposed to last longer.

We made our way to one of the Greyline-like city tours and got a glimpse of the area. I was smitten by the Wasatch Mountains that encircled the city. Another amazing sight was the Bingham Copper Mines and the giant hole in the ground and the oversized equipment that makes the operation successful. Of course, we beheld the beauty of The Great Salt Lake; there I actually purchased a tiny vial of unrefined salt, which I still have. We toured the public portions of areas surrounding the Mormon Tabernacle; heard a musical performance and visited the Family History Center where people from around the globe come and conduct research with very friendly staff.


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