Philadelphia is very special to me. My mother spent alot of time there and I spent a lot of time there with my cousin, my aunt and my uncle in my earliest years.

As an adult, I visited the city to attend my cousin’s wedding around 1982

My most memorable and eventful trip was around 2007.
I visited my Aunt and Uncle and a spent a day with my Cousins. It was terrific.

My cousin treated me to Dave and Busters where afterwards we walked riverside and then toured an artsy part of town.

Then my Aunt took me to all the major landmarks downtown. I felt so blessed to be there and to witness the rich history steeped in the city. We visited Franklin Museum, The Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall and countless other places. The trolley took us all around and we even swung through Chinatown.

On another day, we got tickets to the King Tutankhamen exhibit which happened to be in town; I think at the Franklin Museum

I enjoyed sitting at my Aunt & Uncles dinner table and enjoy the retelling of family lore. Philadelphia is family and I love being there.

My one takeaway from Philadelphia is that every child in American needs to pay a visit here — all of the information that is studied in history books is accessible to touch, experience and witness first hand.

At the Franklin Museum
Learning about all the intricacies of the human heart at the Franklin Museum
A sight to behold . . . The Liberty Bell
My Aunt and personal escort to the Richness of History in Philly
Totally enjoying the Trolley Ride
Many artistic murals along the roadway
Walking in the steps of our nation’s fathers at Independence Hall
These guys signed their names on the Declaration of Independence

Let me hear from you; I love what you have to say.

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