Gateway to the west

Saturday, October 19th, we enjoyed Corban’s company in downtown Saint Louis. Our first stop was the newly opened International Photographic Hall of Fame.(IPHF) It is an array of historic photographic equipment plus noted photography on display.

Can you believe this first edition of Sports Illustrated
and the high-technology lense of the year 1964
A fascinating morning touring
the just-now- opened
International Photography Hall of Fame Museum

My personal favorites was the long Lenses camera used for the cover of the very first issue of Sports Illustrated, dated August 1964.

From the IPHF, we walked across the street to the campus of SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY. It is very open and pastoral place in the heart of downtown. I like the numerous iron, lifelike sculptures that are positioned beneath trees and around green ways.

Cupples House on the campus of Saint Louis University
Saint Frances Xavier Church
on the campus of Saint Louis University

My favorite building that we passed by was the Samuel Cypress House; it had simple yet striking and distinctive architectural features. On or way back to the car we walked beside this place of  worship–Saint Frances Xavier Church. Highly ornate, the structure was full of intrigue. It was truly an architectural feast. 

     We left downtown and headed for Sweetie Pies, an extremely popular local eatery, and also a reality show on OWN network.

Last year we dined at their location on Florisant Avenue. That location reminded me of G’s Restaurant in Huntsville. Today’s location was on Manchester Avenue in the Mangrove district.

Walking on Route 66 toward Sweetie Pies in the Mangrove District
Salivating while in line at Sweetie Pies.
About a 20 Minute Wait to Place our order

The line was long but it moved swiftly. The piano player and vocalist added zest to the experience.The ala carte array was vast. Tons of meat and veggie options in their self-described Mississippi-style fare. Among the three of us we enjoyed catfish, Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, blackeyed peas, and cabbage. Cakes and pies were on display and Corban sampled the sweet potato pie.

From the restaurant we drove back Washington University, where Corban squeezed in an hour of study and Roderick and I found a quiet spot after Roderick shopped for a hat.

At 5 pm we all transitioned to north campus for a photo shoot. For months Roderick had wanted to take a family photo on front of the Washington university sign, specifically near the engineering building. Corban had arranged for his friend, Kahan, to take our picture for our 2014 Christmas card.


All of us returned to the hotel. Roderick stayed behind while Corban and I left the hotel to pick up his bestie, Natasha, for a quick trip to the St. Louis Galleria Mall. Natasha was in the market for some Timberlands while Corban was on a search for dress pants and a sweater. She found success at Footlocker while both found success at H&M and Corban found his ‘fit at Express.

Having shopped till we dropped, we made a last stop at Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. This St. Louis tradition is a must-do. It doesn’t matter that the temperature is at freezing or below, standing outside eating the equivalent of ice cream is a necessary experience. I had the Crater Cornucopius, Corban had the Planetarium and Natasha had Caremel Apple.

Both Ted Drewes and Sweetie Pies wind through the
Historic Route 66. Ted Drewes is at the corner of Chippewa and Prather.

Friday, October 18th,  after we got settled in the Drury Inn we went over to Corban’s dorm room and presented him with his care package and some items we had ordered for him. s the randomly selected juddges to practice scoring. We experienced some talented writers and presenters.  

We also attended the October Washington University Slam Poetry competition. There were 8 contestants. Corban is not competing this year but he did serve as the evening’s sacrificial poet — a sample poet that allow the judges and audience to warm up to the experience.

Stunning antique cameras at the museum

More fun images from the day . . . 

I love ornaments so it was cool seeing
this photography ornament for sale at the museum.
It was a thrill of a day for a photo buff
Every camera has a rich history
To witness technology evolve is amazing.

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