Desert Delights

May 1990
I had the pleasure of travelling to Arizona in May of 1990. There was a research conference in Scottsdale and I was there to present my research and represent the station. What a thrill.

It was my first visit out west and I was smitten with the lack of humidity and the fascinating desert flora. Both were so drastically different than my southern clime.

Our accommodations were at the Scottsdale Conference Resort and it was a delight to meet other research directors and hear how they were utilizing data in their markets.  One of the highlights outside of the meetings was a desert jeep tour.

Two jeeps scooped up a few conference folks and took us to the glorious Sonoran Desert They told us all about the environment and helped us to identify particular species of animal and plant life. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Desert Jeep Riders at Scottsdale Conference Resort
On the backroads of the Sonoran Desert
Barrell Cactus
Teddy Bear Cholla
A scenic desert road
Postcard from Scottsdale Conference Resort
I fell in love with the breathtaking and statuesque Saguaro Cactus
The beautiful Octillo indigenous to the Sonoran Desert
The carcus of the barrell cactus is on the bottom far right

I thank God for the privilege of travel and the thrill of seeing another part of the country. Another group on another day made an outing to Sedona. I was threadbare by then and unable to go; however I promised myself to one day return to Arizona and make my way to Sedona . . a mystical and magical getaway.



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