The smallest state

Have I been to Delaware? Well, yes.
Have I been to Delaware as a tourist? Not really.

Yes, I breezed through Delaware circa 1972. Below you will see an extremely grainy image of me. I was accompanying my dad on a Great Brown Family adventure. He had a huge sedan with no less than four teens in the back seat and two grown ups and in infant in the front. Later,  on our return trip, another grown up joined the fanfare.

Our initial destination was Waldorf, Maryland, where lived my step-mother’s sister. From there we visited my Uncle Ed in New York and while my dad was visiting his sister in Philadelphia, he made arrangements for me to see my maternal uncle, Uncle Fred.

On the return trip, my dad encouraged his sister, Mary, to return with him to Florida. We made our way through Delaware, where my dad visited his baby sisters Carol and Linda. It was this occasion which led me to Delaware.

Because I love America’s Coastlines, I would very much love to see Delaware as a tourist. On my quest to the 50 states, I don’t know when I will be privileged to return to Delaware so, for now, I will log my 1972 era visit on my check off list.

Delaware circa 1972,  I am on the far right in red. Infant Kim and toddler Erica in ron.
On left my brother Curtis, with red afro my step sister Cheryl Faye, and Robin beside  Curtis.


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