Michigan’s Upper Peninsula — St. Ignace

The “mighty” Mackinac Bridge connecting the upper & lower peninsula

On Saturday, May 31st, we travelled to Michigan’s upper peninsula. We left Livonia at around 11:30 and got stuck in traffic on our way to I-75. We got to I-75 around 12:30. It is nearly a 4 hour drive up I-75. We arrived in the coastal town of St. Ignace at around 4 p.m.

First of all, the upper peninsula is strikingly beautiful. The icon of the area is the Mackinac Bridge. One of top three longest suspension bridge in north America, it is nearly 5 miles and separates Lake Michigan on the west from Lake Huron on the east.
The bridge connects the lower and upper peninsulas.

Driving north from Livonia, Michigan, we passed through flat farm land, then rolling hills, then densely wooded areas, then sloping larger hills, and finally a coastal landscape.

The waters are a brilliant blue at the bridge. The first town on the other side of the bridge is St. Ignace.

Wawatam Lighthouse at St. Ignace


St. Ignace is a sleepy town full of tourist-y shops and several ferries that carry travellers to Mackinac Island. Our stay was brief so we encircled St. Ignace, then snapped a few photos at the jetty, near the Wawatam Lighthouse.  This event was shortened because a tornadic storm of an insect called “midges”, there were walls of
 them and they covered our bodies and the car. 

East Moran Bay, looking east

Before leaving this side of St. Ignace, Corban found a quiet respite at the rocky East Moran Bay shoreline where there were very chilly waters.

We left the lighthouse area and went to the nearby Straits State Park. We went on brief hike and found a path to the shoreline and saw a great view of the Bridge. 
The park has plenty of camping, playgrounds, 
paths, scenic views and shoreline, which is ensconced by marshes. 

Additionally, the Mackinac Bridge Authority operates an scenic view area beside the Lake Michigan shoreline. There is a museum that itemizes the timeline of the bridge, which was erected in 1957; there is a commemorative statue honoring those who died working on the bridge and there is a commemorative bell.

Roderick liked this flower species in Straits Park
From Straits Park, looking south
Looking south toward lower peninsula
Beautiful white-capped waves in Lake Huron
During bridge construction this bell tolled when visibility was low.
Remembering those who lost their lives constructing the bridge



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