Portland Day One: Getting Settled

Hooray! Hallelujah! By the grace and mercy of God I made it to the Pacific Northwest. I spent my first night in Portland. Getting from the airport via the Shuttle, I settled in to the Clarion Portland. I made my way to get familiar with the area.


Timeless Potroast
Marionberry Pie

I dined at Shari’s Café and Pies. I would call it something in the realm of Shoney’s without the buffet. I decided on the Timeless Potroast and it was an excellent selection.
The self-described “fork tender”
Potroast is served with fresh potatoes,
fresh celery and fresh carrots and topped with
fried onions. Yum!

Their bread is also fresh and has a subtle sweetness. Advertised on he table was a Oregon-only Marionberry pie. Apparently Marionberries — within the blackberry family — are at the peak of season. My slice was an experience to remember.

There is a quiet lake behind the hotel and the street is a big circle. From the hotel & restaurant, I took a lovely circular walk. I passed by a 7-11 under construction, a home depot and a Michael’s that was not supported by any other stores — quite odd. There were several other hotels within the circle; I ended up on a busy street and saw McDonalds & Burger King.

Cool Breeze
Apparently, right now, Portland and the pacific northwest is experiencing a heat wave, temps in the 90s consistently. [Of course, I’m used to this heat]. While the walk was definitely hot, a cool breeze followed as the hours turned later. I really enjoyed opening the window at the hotel and hearing the birds and insects make their music through the night and in the morning.


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