Portland: Day Two: Downtown

Hallelujah! By the grace of God I got to experience downtown Portland. So much to see. Portland is considered America’s Cycling Capital!

Light Rail
From the hotel, I took the courtesy shuttle to the airport where I found the light rail. I was instructed to look for the red line which would take me downtown. It was about a 30minute ride. Interestingly, people bring their bikes on the light rail, secure them and then get comfortably seated. It was a Sunday morning, therefore, my ride was not overcrowded.

Fortunately, the Bike Shop was just around the Corner from Skidmore Fountain Station where I got off.

Pedal Bike Tours
My tour guide was Scotland and he was full of fun facts and details about the city. About five tourists took the “historic downtown tour” and Scotland filled us with informative insights. This was far from a “tourist-y” tour. It was more like in insiders peek in to what the city is really like. It was three hours of fun biking

Here are some of the most memorable places that I liked today:
Ankeny Square/Saturday Market
By the time the tour ended, the site was a bustling amalgam of food vendors, musicians and artists.

Benson Bubbler
located on
PSU Campus

Portland State University
A scenic campus where we took in the history of the famed Benson Bubblers that are located all over the city.

Hawthorn Bridge / Steel Bridge
I love biking across bridges and these two fulfilled my thrill. Mostly I love sharing the road with vehicles in a very cycle-friendly community.

Very scenic river front area that was accommodating to both pedestrians and cyclists.

I found a supercool consignment store — think Platos Closet  but local — cute dresses and lots of selection, but not enough time to shop. They did have great prices.

Tanner Park has a Bioswale

I leaned a new word today. Here is the Wikipedia definition
Bioswales are landscape elements designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. They consist of a swaled drainage course with gently sloped sides (less than six percent) and filled with vegetation, etc.

Directors Park

Director’s Park
A very innovative upbeat 21st century common area.

I experienced tons more but this is a quick summary of what I saw. Totally thanking God for the opportunity and shout out to Scotland for leading the tour group.

Buffalo, The
Consignment Store


The stunning
Willamette River



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