The Columbia River

So….what does the Columbia River look like?
It depends on where you are.
One thing that I discovered is that there are many faces of the Columbia River.
We made many stops along the way.
On Monday, July14th, we left Portland, Oregon and began a trek on the esteemed Columbia River Highway, an engineering marvel and a visionary exercise by the road planners.

The Columbia River
Vista House at Crown Point — a perfect spot for viewing The Columbia River.

What I was most fascinated with was that I walked in the steps of Lewis & Clark, the Corps of Discovery and my hero, Sacajawea.

We stopped at Chanticleer, an overlook that gives a great view of the river. We stopped at Crown Point, also known as Vista House.

We paid a visit to one of the highest waterfalls, 620ft drop at Multnomah Falls; words and photos cannot describe it adequately; it was a spiritual experience.

Later, after visiting salmon and trout and sturgeon at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery, we actually spent several hours on the Columbia with the tour cruise group Columbia River Sternwheeler Cruise

It was an amazing experience and I was so beside myself. I was so thrilled with meeting real life National Park Rangers, “meeting” Sacajawea at her memorial circle, being encircled by the glory and majesty of the river and the scenery … I was overwhelmed with much joy and excitement that I could not contain or take it all in.

We overnighted at Hood River Inn which is positioned along side the Columbia River. The hotel offers spectacular view and striking scenery.

Tuesday Morning, we headed west, continuing our journey along the river, eventuallly heading north from Oregon to Washington.

Looking East
Chanticleer Point
At Vista Point, looking West
Beacon Rock as observed by Lewis & Clark
Crossing the Columbia River and travelling north in to Washington
The Columbia River past The Dalles
The many faces of the Columbia River

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