Ferry + Whale Watching

Here is an entry from my journal.

Dated July 17, 2014, Thursday
Early bird!
I arose at 4 a.m. and readied myself. I spend 45 minutes at the Business Center and was downstairs at 6:15 ready to shuttle to the Ferry. Victoria Clipper was our mode of transportation to Friday Harbor.
The Ferry
The ferry left the Seattle Wharf at around 8 a.m. We were issued vouchers to select from an item from the breakfast menu.
The ferry arrived at Friday Harbor at 11 a.m. We remained on the Ferry to transition to the Whale Watching tour. Whales were quite active. We saw countless breaches. We witnessed the L-pod featuring the leader, Cruiser and his aunt.
Friday Harbor
We debarked at Friday Harbor around 2:30 p.m. and checked into the hotel at 3 p.m. We were greeted by local host, Mary Kalbert. Upon arrival we walked downtown. I rented a bicycle from Discover Kayak tours. I rode around the harbor briefly and visited a really cute consignment shop. I returned to the hotel for dinner. Early bedtime to prep for an early bike ride Friday.
Whale watching in the Salish Sea
Arriving in Friday Harbor
On the Ferry to San Juan islands
From Seattle, the San Juan Islands are about 3 hours away in the Salish Sea

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