Friday Harbor on San Juan Island

Friday at Friday Harbor started early. I went out for a 12 mile bike ride along Roche Harbor Road. I got to an inn and decided to turn around. there were other cyclists with much faster bikes. The first leg of the ride there was minimal traffic, on the way back in to town, traffic got busier. The road shoulder was not huge, but it was accommodating and the locals were respectful of the cyclists.

Back in town, I road near the harbor where the ferries dock. I traversed toward Jackson Beach; I never made it — it was further than I calculated plus it was time to get back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel I readied for the 10 a.m. Island Excursion.

Our first stop was American Camp. We learned about The Pig War and the stand-off between Britain and USA. We learned about the involvement of the “Robert” of Roberts Rules of Order in the event. The American Camp is near South Beach.

The Second Stop was my favorite: Lime Kiln Point. It was a stunning overlook and a popular whale watching site. We had lunch here. We walked across the rocky banks and paid a visit to the tiny light house and the maritime museum. While here, because of our proximity to Canada, we were advised to turn off our phones to avoid roaming charages

Next we visited English Camp. This was the base for the British.  Here we encountered a beautiful formal English Garden as well as a historical 300 year old large leaf maple.

Next we basked in the beauty of Roche Harbor. There were dozens of tiny boutiques, and eateries and impressive watercraft. I enjoyed ice creame.

Back at the hotel, local host Mary Kalbert graciously escorted me to South Beach, parts that I did not see at American Camp. Most impressive was the driftwood (logs that had floated in from Canada); People construct beach huts from the logs. Also impressive was the kelp. It was gigantic and utilitarian. The black sand was extremely coarse. Across the beach were black/white rocks. 

Friday Harbor near the Ferry dock
Driftwood the size of tree trunks from Canada wash up on the shore of South Beach
Black Sand, very coarse, many black & white speckled rocks
Historic Hotel de Haro on Roche Harbor
Bustling shoppes at Roche Harbor
English Garden at English Camp
Historical statement at English Camp
Lime Kiln Lighthouse
Lime Kiln Point
Stunning beach views from American Camp
South Beach
Along Roche Harbor Road


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