Providence at Providence

vcs bag

My definition of Providence is the provision of God for his people: ordering, establishing and providing what they need

A funny thing happened at the Providence Airport that I have to tell you about. God showed up and showed out. It all started at the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, VT. The last stop of my New England adventure. I had purchased my husband a sleepshirt and my luggage was maxxed so I was forced to carry his souvenir in a little brown gift bag. When I got to the Providence Airport, I made the grave error of putting the bag down when I dug out my government issued ID. I remember saying to myself, “it is a bad idea to place this bag down when you dig out your government issued ID.” The bag was on a slanted surface.

I made it through the security checkpoint and – as I always do – went immediately to my gate. When I made a pitstop I was combing through my receipts. I reviewed my Vermont Country Store receipt and BING! I realized that I was no longer carrying my little brown gift bag. At that moment – simultaneous with a slight panic – I realized that God would not have allowed me to make a pitstop and comb through my receipts had he not intended me to be reunited with my misplaced bag.

Mission One: Retrace your steps.

I initially assessed that I had left the little brown gift at the security checkpoint. I wrongly assumed that I had laid it down when I had become discombobulated at security. I mildly/frantically looked around the area and realized that there were no slanted surfaces.

I got permission from the security checkpoint staff to search at the entrance to the security checkpoint. There I realized – again – there were no slanted surfaces.

Mission Two: Find the slanted surface

I got permission to return to the area where I had initially entered the building. As I was walking I realized that “God did not bring me this far to leave me”. On the exterior of the building there was a slanted wall. Several steps away from the door lay my testimony – sitting precisely where I laid it – my little brown gift bag laying on the slanted wall.

God had manifiested his divine providence at the Providence airport.

Mission Three: Testify

I immediately began rejoicing and praising God for securing my little brown gift bag and keeping it unharmed until I returned to it. Going through security a 2nd time, I continued my praise dance! I praise God for granting me the gift of a trigger at my pitstop and allowing me to realize my little brown gift bag was missing. I praise God for revealing himself to me and proving that he is in control and is taking good care of me. I praise God for encouraging me to tell this story so you too, can rejoice! Lastly, I praise God that my husband got his sleepshirt ….good news: he likes his gift!


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