Waterfalls and Waterways across Vermont

While in Vermont, God enabled me to witness some unforgettable scenery. The tour bus took us through winding roads and tiny towns. The look out of the window was fantastic but it was even better when I had a chance to explore on my own.

Once we crossed the stateline from New Hampshire into Vermont, we were immediately welcomed by the Queeche Gorge. It’s height is striking. We did not get a chance to stop but you can see images below from the tourism board. Most of our time was spent at the Visitor Center which was in the Queeche Gorge park. Queeche Gorge is referred to as “Vermont’s Grand Canyon.”

The next waterfall was quite hidden. In Brandon, Vermont, there are two waterfalls. One is on street level, and highly visible while downtown. The other waterfall can be heard but not seen from the street. While walking downtown, I heard water. I peered behind a building and tucked away was a lush waterfall accessible only by a narrow path on a steep graveled hill.

Determined, I crawled down the hill on all fours and perched to capture the image. I wondered why such a beautiful sight did not have easier access.

The third waterfall I encountered was Moss Glen Falls in Stowe, Vermont. It was beautiful of course and beside lovely trees and greenery. We had only seconds to take it all in but it was a good stop. I found it interesting that vendors surrounded the stop selling syrup, candy and other souvenirs for cash-wielding travelers.

The most significant waterway was the Ottauquechee River running through Bridgewater Corners in Vermont. It was a quiet stream that flowed behind our lunch spot: Long Trail Brewery.

Prior to lunch, while passing through Woodstock, Vermont, we encountered the Taftsville Covered Bridge spanning the Ottauquechee River. It is notable as the 3rd oldest covered bridge in Vermont and it  is a two span 189 foot long Multiple Kingpost Truss.

The videos and pictures are a feeble attempt to share with you the beauty of Vermont.


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