It’s Hot!

By the grace and mercy of God, I had the privilege of experiencing Hot Springs, Arkansas. I did not know what to expect and had no preconceived notion. It was fabulous! First, you have to know how much I love hot water, so to have spigots everywhere gushing forth steamy H2O was fantastic.

We arrived early intending only to stay about an hour. We strolled down Bath House Row and made our way to the National Park Service exhibit, featured in the former Fordyce Bath House. There were three floors of exhibits, plus a basement that would be an engineers delight to see how the pump system works. There were videos & interactive kiosks that described the technology of a hundred years ago.

What amazed me was the number of African Americans who were employed by the Bath Houses and there was even a Bath House operated by the National Baptist Convention. Working at the Bath house was a big deal and a big responsibility.

Throngs of people came to Hot Springs seeking relief from an array of ailments. I talked with my friend, Anne, and she mentioned that her mother had made the journey there for healing. Hot Springs is indeed an amazing place of Americana. Spa services are still available. the Buckstaff Bath House offers services … see prices & photo below

We focused our stay on Bath House row and journeyed to the Hot Water Cascade as spent some reflective moments on the Grand Promenade. There are tiny shops and boutiques everywhere. I recommend Bath House Soaps as well as The Fudge Factory. Enjoy yourself; there is much to see.

Videos here:   Here is a video of a spring outside Fordyce Bath House.                                    Check out this video of Hot Water Cascade


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