Lions. Tigers. and Bears.

While visiting Kansas, we didn’t bump in to Dorothy but we did experience Lions, Tigers & Bears. By the grace of God, the AAA Tour Book directed us to the tiny town of Caney, Kansas. You might not have heard of it, but it has been featured on Animal Planet. 

There in Caney, KS is a wonderful safari. It is so personalized and intimate. The tour guides are so knowledgeable and tell visitors everything about the exotic animals. What is most special is the interactiveness of the animals. When they are fed, they react and you get a true feel of animal behavior. I highly recommend Safari Zoological Park in Caney, KS.

Check out these animal action videos: Lions. Tigers. Bears. Hyena.   Coyote.   European Grizzly.  Kangaroo 1.  Kangaroo 2.  White Tiger.  Tiger Pups.   Tigers foraging.   Wolf pups.  Wolves.  African leopard.

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One thought on “Lions. Tigers. and Bears.

  1. I have not heard of Caney Kansas, but it is interesting that it has such a nice Safari Zoological Park. Glad you are enjoying yourself while you can. God Bless you.


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