Omaha, Nebraska

Hallelujah! We had a fabulous road trip through the Great Plains. By the grace of God we arrived in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday before Memorial Day. Omaha is quite the city. It sits on the border to Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The Missouri River separates Nebraska & Omaha. There is a lovely and beautiful pedestrian bridge that connects the two states. Below the bridge is the Missouri River.

Saturday night we dined at two places recdommended by Corban’s classmates. We had dinner at Blue Sushi Sake Grill and after an after-dinner-walk, we had ice cream at Ted & Willys . Somehow we landed in a vintage record shop and I was smitten with these Baja pullovers. With so many colors to choose from I finally made a selection. It will come in handy during the winter months at home, but it was cool enough to rock on Saturday night & Sunday morning in Omaha.

Omaha would be a great place to revisit with more time. I did a breeze-by the Lewis & Clark National Park Service exhibit. So much to see; so little time. Near the hotel was TD AMERITRADE PARK where the College World Series is held.

I was smitten with Council Bluffs, Iowa because this was where Lewis & Clark encountered the Otoe Native Americans as the explorers embarked on their journey from St. Louis in 1804. I enjoy experiencing sites along the Lewis & Clark trail.

These videos and photos are an humble attempt to allow you to experience Omaha.  Click the links to videos. Scroll down for a slideshow

Videos found here:  Downtown Omaha     Nebraska & Iowa       Missouri River     Iowa

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