Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I give God all the honor and praise for the privilege of seeing and experiencing South Dakota. It is scenic and full of wonder. We were there for over an hour and took in the rushing waters splashing across reddish rock. These photos & videos do not give full measure to the experience but it is an humble attempt to help you see and feel South Dakota.

Videos: South Dakota A       South Dakota B      South Dakota C      South Dakota D

In these final two videos you can see the phenomena of foam collecting from the rushing water. From a distance it looked light white birds. It was so light and airy. What a privilege to see and behold.

Videos:  South Dakota F     South Dakota G

Our time was spent at Falls Park. There, the Big Sioux River runs through the park. Also on the grounds is the former Queen Bee Mill. There is a lot to see. It is very wide and vast, lots of room to romp. There is a five story observation deck, there is a diner and there are monuments of old.  it is a serene yet out-door-loving place.

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