The Great Plains

What? You drove to South Dakota?

By God’s amazing mercy and by God’s amazing Grace and by abundant protection, we embarked on a road trip over Memorial Day weekend and put 2300 miles on a rental car.

I celebrate God for guiding, protecting and providing. It was quite the Great American Roadtrip over the Great Plains!

The journey began with a drive by of Corinth, Mississippi. Then God’s grace landed us in Memphis, TN (our traveling companion, Taylor) had never experienced the historic Lorraine Motel); From Memphis we headed to our destination: Little Rock, Arkansas (see blog);

From Little Rock we made it to Hot Springs (see blog); We ventured on to Tulsa, Oklahoma where we overnighted.

Up early Saturday morning, we headed due north making a pit-stop in Caney, Kansas (see blog) where we met lions, tigers and bears. From Caney we continued north, stopping again in Topeka, Kansas, were we experienced the significant Brown vs Board of Education exhibit operated by the National Park Service.

By the grace of God, we made to our destination, Omaha, Nebraska, where we overnighted. Omaha is quite the city and we experienced all bright lites and that downtown offers. Corban’s classmates recommended dining options.

Up early Sunday morning, we left the Missiouri River, the Iowa state line (Omaha boarders Councill Bluff, Iowa) and headed north,

Our destination was Sioux Fall, South Dakota and we were there for over an hour. it is beautiful as the sights and sounds show.

God’s favor and mercy kicked into high gear as we left South Dakota and headed south through Iowa and Kansas and safely arriving in Columbia, Missouri where we overnighted.

We arose early Memorial Day morning headed due east to Saint Louis for a break in our homeward journey. Our travelling companion, Taylor, was able to experience the majesty of the Saint Louis arch and Corban had classmates waiting on the schoolhouse steps for him to do a drive-by at Washington University in St. Louis.

Energized, we returned to the road, stopping briefly for food and gas in Paducah, Kentucky and made our long-awaited arrival home by dusk. To God be the Glory!


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