Song of the Sandhill Crane

Not only did I experience seeing the Sandhill Crane, God blessed me with the privilege to hear their full symphony today at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge during the all-day, two-day annual FESTIVAL OF THE CRANES. Having perched inside the observation building for two hours gauging their beauty, I left to walk outside. I took in the trails and the property grounds. Just as I was intending to get ready to go, it happened. Suddenly, without warning what seemed to be ten thousand Sandhill Cranes singing in unison. It went on for at least 90 seconds to 3 minutes. It was as loud as a train. What a big blessing to experience the song of the Sandhill Crane, one of only two crane species found in North America, the other being the Whooping Crane.

Listen to the call of the Sandhill Crane Here

Sandhill Crane in flight at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge


On the brown grassland, grey-colored Sandhill Cranes gather


Entrance to Wheeler from Hwy 67 in Decatur, Alabama



Poster detailing the Sandhill Crane at Wheeler WildlifeRefuge


Visitor Center

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