Yellowstone: Tower Fall: Day 2

July 16, 2015    3:41 p.m., Mountain Time

Tower Fall is in the Tower-Roosevelt Junction of Yellowstone (video). It happened that I had a mile case of stupidity on the ascent to tower fall. There is a grand overlook. And below the overlook, there is something that looked like a beach shore at Yellowstone River. Well, I wanted to go to the “beach”. Getting down the steep incline was doable — after all, there was already a large crowd having fun on the beach; however getting back up the steep climb would be exceptionally problematic. I toyed with going down but as I inched south, good judgement got the best of me and I wiggled embarrassingly back up to the platform of safety.

Tower Fall is accessed behind the general store on a short walk. It was at the general store where I purchased a very expensive pair of binoculars (so I could view the bison) I had brought my own binoculars on the trip but they were unfortunately out-of-focus and non-functional. I did not want to miss the opportunity to see these creatures close up.

Tower Fall is on the northeastern quadrant of Yellowstone. “Approximately 1,000 yards upstream from the creek’s confluence with the Yellowstone River, the fall plunges 132 feet,”according to Wikipedia

Tower Falls Overlook, beholding the Yellowstone River at Yellowstone National Park: it was the “shore” below that I was stupidly trying to access.


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