Yellowstone: Bison: Day 2

Thursday, July 16, 2015    2:39 p.m. Mountain Time

One of the trademarks of Yellowstone is the in-your-face presence of animals. We saw bison standing in the road and holding up traffic (video).  Typically, if you see a crowd of people on the side of the road pointing, there is most likely some type of sighting, like a bear or bison or something significant. Foolishly, some people approach these animals for a selfie or get dangerously close to them to photograph. At camp, there was nightly reading of “DEATH IN YELLOWSTONE” tales of real people doing stupid things in the park and getting killed as a result. There are warning signs everywhere so if is likely that some people both currently and historically, failed to follow posted instructions.

Bison (video), Bear, and Big Horn Sheep frequent the Tower Roosevelt Junction in the Northeast Corner of Yellowstone as well as in Lamar Valley & Hayden Valley. (Featured image by Tour Group member, Sean)


Bison holding up traffic. Photo by Tour Group member, Sean
Bison in the field


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