Solitude at Bonneville Salt Flats

I really,  really like quiet spots. Sometimes, when travelling, you incur places that are seemingly empty or void of human contact. Such a place is Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Of course, the “tourist-y” section near the interstate is filled with onlookers. But for endless miles and miles and miles and miles all you see is a vast white space of nothingness.

With a comfortable chair, I could spend a lot of time here; just glaring into the solitude of God and myself. Free to think. Free to hear quiet and soundlessness.



I enjoy participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by The Daily Post. This week’s Challenge is SOLITUDE.

Join in my monthly challenge called TRAVEL BLESSINGS.. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Your stories are treasured and you have a platform to share.



2 thoughts on “Solitude at Bonneville Salt Flats

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