Yellowstone: Lone Star Trail : Day 3

July 17, 2015, 5:17 p.m., Mountain Time

Steps away from the Kepler Cascades overlook is the trail to Lone Star Geyser. My tent-mate Mary Beth and I were up for an easy, flat hike and we went for it.

The Lone Star Trail is as peaceful as it is scenic. It is totally wooded, quiet and a simple way to wrap up a day and seal in memories of Yellowstone. The whispering waters of the Firehole River (video) beckon a time of reflection and generate an appreciation for God’s beauty and opportunities. Moving from the overlook we continue through the forest wondering if we have missed a turn. Eventually, in the distance, as the trail ends becomes a wide open space, we see the cone geyser called Lone Star (video).

We take a group picture, and circle back toward the van. It would be another 2 or 3 hours before Lone Star would erupt.


The Firehole River on Lone Star Trail

According to, “This easy, 4.8-mile out-and-back starts from the Kepler Cascades parking area. Check out these impressive cascades before following the paved Lone Star Trail to its namesake geyser. The trail crosses the Firehole River after half a mile and climbs gently through forest and several meadows. After 2.5 miles, the road ends near Lone Star Geyser, a dramatic (and fairly reliable) geyser that usually erupts every 3 hours, shooting water and steam 45 feet into the air.”


A portion of the July 2015  G Adventures Tour Group during Day #3 At Yellowstone National Park. Lone Star Geyser stands behind us.


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