Camping at Yellowstone

July 15-18th, 2015

We made camp at one of Yellowstone’s many campgrounds. Unfortunately, at Bridge Bay Campground, where we were and during the time we were there, there was no hot water. The bathrooms were clean and there was an outdoor basin for cleaning dishes but it was cold water all the time. The temperature plummeted at night in Yellowstone. No more tank tops. We were bundled from head to toe with tons of layers. Everywhere there were “Be Aware of Bears” signs. At camp we had to put our belongings in a bear box and lock the box in a bear proof metal bin. It was no joke and we had to take it seriously. All food had to be put up and no smelly items like soap. It got really cold at night but our tents kept out the cold as did our sleeping bags. I never got cold while in the tent.

Cleaning up after dinner; we have to don headlamps in the dark campsite

 During my 2 week camping trip, I broke my eyeglasses, which I wear in the evenings. Therefore, during the middle-of-the-night pilgrimage to the bathroom, I had to stumble around without un-aided vision. When you gotta go, you gotta go, glasses or no!

We stayed in the Bridge Bay Campground which is across the street from Yellowstone Lake.

 Days were long at Yellowstone and we got back to camp near dusk. By the time we were preparing dinner it was often dark. We had to wear headlamps to see. It was a short trip across the street to the basin to clean the dishes. After dinner and after our tour leader, Chris gave his briefing for the next day, Rose did a nightly reading of DEATH AT YELLOWSTONE, real accounts of visitors and workers who died while at the park. It was fascinating because many of the accounts occurred at places we visited during our stay. We could easily relate to the tales because we had seen the posted signs and warnings of impending dangers.

By the light of a lantern, Rose reads DEATH IN YELLOWSTONE after dinner, after clean-up and after our nightly briefing
Making a fire and prepping dinner
Getting ready for dinner

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