Yellowstone : Mount Washburn : Day 2

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Unspeakable Beauty

I cannot adequately relay the beauty of Mount Washburn. This is a feeble attempt. This Mount Washburn (video), and photographs do not do justice to God’s majesty.

Early Thursday we arose, layered up and headed for Mount Washburn. It was a 3 mile one-way hike up to an elevation of 10,000 feet. The walk was glorious but challenging. Mary Beth and I kept each others company on the way up. We stopped several times to take in glorious vistas of unforgettable scenes.

God’s grandeur and majesty cannot be fully captured in this photo and video

The hike of a lifetime: “Jesus is Lord”

Once I made it to the top, the first words I uttered was “JESUS IS LORD!” I felt so achieved and happy and as elated as I felt during a road race. Climbing Mount Washburn (video) was a really big deal! We were cheered upon arrival to the lookout tower by our team and took a group picture.  It was a 3 mile hike up which took about 2 hours up and about and hour coming down

Hallelujah! I reached the summit of Mount Washburn . . What a jaw-dropping view

Cell Phones? Seriously?

There is no phone service in Yellowstone for the most part. On the side of the mountain, people got temporary signals on their way up and people stopped on the sideline to try and make calls.

I love this photo; the altitude is so high, it looks as though she is kissing the cloud

Some people in our group got fascinating nature photos of the animals of Yellowstone during the ascent.

Adrenaline Rush

Mount Washburn is in the northeast quadrant of Yellowstone, between Tower Roosevelt and Canyon Village. I don’t know what the temperature was, but it was cold; ironically, I worked up such body heat and such adrenaline on the climb, I had peeled off all my layers and I was down to my base layer by the time I reached the top. I didn’t realize how cold it really was until I saw the wind blowing very hard on other people. Once I figured out how cold it was I immediately put back on my layers.

My G Adventures tour group memorializes the moment
Colorful wildflowers blanket the slopes of Mount Washburn


Lesson Learned. You don’t know what you are able to do and you don’t know your capabilities. You have to be open to trying and experiencing and believing in yourself. God is on your side.


I have launched a challenge called TRAVEL BLESSINGS. Join the fun and tell your story.


3 thoughts on “Yellowstone : Mount Washburn : Day 2

    1. Teresa: thank you for visiting my blog. Your comment is confirmation that I should tell the stories about the places God has allowed me to experience. I love your quote “Breathtaking beauty” “God’s creation” glorifying God. Keep coming back . . . more tales of testimony to come.


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