Yellowstone : Old Faithful Geyser : Day 3

Thursday, July 17, 2015

I cannot express the excitement I felt viewing Old Faithful. Mid-morning, we scurried out of the van and paraded to the Visitor Center at Old Faithful Village. It was swarming. We elbowed other guests the get the last of brochures and flyers….there was a run on information. For me, the question of the day was

“when is the next eruption?”


“where can I get wifi?”

The eruption times were posted …. with a caveat … “times subject to change”. Nearing the time of the eruption, crowds lined the benches circling Old Faithful. Cameras were perched in hands, shoulders and on tripods. Gasps, oooh, ahs were immersive. Security officers intervened when people left the bench and tip-toed onto the shallow geyser soil and ejected them back to the secure viewing areas which are 300 feet from the geyser

Massive crowds encircle the Old Faithful Viewing Area; It is a photography madhouse
A portion of our GAdventures tour group





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