Travel Blessings: Lost & Found

If you have ever lost something while travelling, you share a common thread that runs among humanity when something gets lost. It is a sick feeling. A moment of panic. A flush of worry. A simultaneous flood physical and emotional illness.  It is bad when you lose something at home; it is worse when you are travelling because of the likelihood that you will be whisked away before the vanished item is recovered.

This month, the Travel Blessings Challenge zooms in on lost & found. Did you lose LostandFound_imgclothing? Did you misplace electronics? Did you lose your keys? Were your items found? Did someone divinely intervene and recover.

Tell your story here.

Here is a short version of my story: At the Providence, Rhode Island airport, I got that sick feeling when I realized my prized souvenvcs-bag5ir bag got left behind. I retraced my steps — having to leave the gate, and return the the airport entrance. Just where I left it — there my precious possession sat on the concrete wall of the building. I know God intervened, and I am eternally grateful that he showed Providence at Providence.

Read my entire travel blessing story here


There are two primary thrusts for the TRAVEL BLESSINGS  CHALLENGE: Travel. Blessings. A) Tell a travel story. B) Tell a travel story in which a blessing occurred. Should you desire, add an image.

Join me in this month’s TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE. Four easy steps:

  • Create a new post titled “Travel Blessings:LOST & FOUND”, include an image if you desire
  • Tag your post #TravelBlessings
  • Include a link back to this post -or-
  • Share a link to your contribution in a comment on this post

Stay tuned. The TRAVEL BLESSINGS  CHALLENGE is monthly. Remember to follow my blog for updated posts.

3 thoughts on “Travel Blessings: Lost & Found

    1. Deborah! This is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing the saga of your lost duffel bag. I know that sick, sinking feeling all too well. I join you in praising God that your possessions were recovered. I love the detailed picture you painted along with the archival photos. Thanks for participating in this month’s TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE.


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