Flying with Wilbur & Orville

March 2010, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

A visit to the Outer Banks of North Carolina is not complete without a trip to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. What did these famed flyers do in North Carolina? “This coastal town, they determined, had the ideal conditions for testing their gliders, with towering sand dunes and consistent winds to assist with the initial launching,” according to

Whether you are into aviation, or not, the museum is a hand-on, interactive platform to see, touch, feel how Wilber & Orville thought and experimented. The mostly-outdoor exhibits enable visitors to see and climb on the Wright Brothers experiments, perspectives and platforms

Full-size statues of Wilbur & Orville Wright allow visitors to see their vantage point as they experimented with early flight
Full-sized aircraft is easily accessible for visitors to engage in the landscape on the grounds of the Wright Brothers test flights


Tucked away in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, the Wright Brothers Memorial overlooks the beach
Life-sized and accessible statutes of Wilbur and Orville allow close-up vantage points




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