A ferry ride across Jenny Lake

Grand Teton National Park, Saturday, July 15th, 2015
Immediately, upon arrival at Grand Teton, we went to the visitor center to retrieve our Jenny Lake Ferry tickets. The ferry ride was early morning and very cold. The ferry ride was brief, but scenic. The water was still and serene. It was an overcast morning so the clouds hovering made the landscape mysterious. Once on the other side, we could be on our own and roam around. There was a shortage on maps so I kind of followed other people.

In a perfect world I would have taken the walk around the lake instead of taking the shuttle. I chose not to be so adventurous and decided to stick with the group. However, we ended up going our own ways. Here and there I would bump in to some of the members of the group on my walk. Eventually, nearing the time to meet back up at the visitor center, I made a wrong turn and got lost. I ended up in parking lot that was not the visitor center lot. I kind couple took mercy on me and drove me over to the visitor center.

I thank God for being a first hand witness to his manifestation and handiwork expressed on Grand Teton and Jenny Lake.

The stillness of the silent water provided a perfect compliment to the rising height and jagged edges of the Grand Teton range.
Spectatular view of Grand Teton from the ferry
It was a cold morning for a ferry ride; it was overcast but the views were fantastic!
Docking the ferry on the other side of the lake
20150718_105218 entering GT
The early morning ferry ride offers solitude & serene vistas

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