#bloggingbranding :  Learning how to get the word out

In the marketing world branding is described as creating a name, symbol or design that distinguishes a product from other products.
In other worlds with so many products and options out there how do you make your product stand out?
This week I am deviating from travel posts and focusing on branding posts. I am engaged in Blogging University offered by The Daily Post.
Today’s assignment: setting goals
I have four goals for my blog
  1. Increase to 50: The number of friends and family engaged with my posts
  2. Build a consistent branding name throughout Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and Facebook
  3. Grow a base of followers to 100 by December 2017 and to 200 by 2018.
  4. Publish 2 posts per week and engage in 10 comments per week and stimulate 10  weekly engagements to my content, beginning June 2017
The ultimate purpose of my blog is to leave a footprint of my travels. I want those who know me and come after me to hear, see and feel the places that I have traveled to and know the stories behind the destination. An intelligent branding campaign will introduce my content to a wider platform.


4 thoughts on “#bloggingbranding :  Learning how to get the word out

  1. Let me be 1 of the 50 that engage with your posts!
    Getting ready to travel. I may have to write something!!!


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