1950s Black Life

Two years ago, hours before my dad’s funeral, I stumbled upon his hidden collection of black & white photographs. I knew he was a photographer in his younger years, but I’d never seen his early work. See clues? Recognize places? Comments welcomed. I’m guessing the time stamp is early 1950s. #BlackHistory #StoryTelling #1950s

Hours before my dad’s funeral, I discovered his hidden collection of black/white photos. At the bottom right you can see my Dad’s photo album.
I don’t know where these photos were taken & I don’t know the subjects. Do you have any clues?

3 thoughts on “1950s Black Life

    1. Great idea but by the time I discovered, no one living knew. My uncles did not recognize anyone or any place. Regardless, I think they are powerful images even though they are unidentified as yet. I thought of you as I posted and I am so happy you commented.


      1. Hmmm. A dilemma. Perhaps submit the collage to photography show or have your own art show. Maybe a visitor will recognize the location. Or a local historian in your city can help you.


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