Texture Trifecta

Its a texture trifecta at Falls Park in South Dakota: Foamy White Water. Slippery Red Rock. Dewy Green Grass.

You cannot escape the thundering sound of rushing water flowing from the Big Sioux River. Great overlook views are found at the 5 story observation tower. The vast acreage of the perfect place to spend the day, have a picnic or allow the kids to run freely.

Raging Big Sioux River rushes through the park
Overview of Falls Park at Sioux Falls, South Dakota
White foamy water, slippery red rocks, dewey green grass at Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota


This post is a part of the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by The Daily Post. This week’s challenge is “Texture”.

6 thoughts on “Texture Trifecta

  1. Beautiful park, beautiful waterfall. Must have been magnificent to hear the power of the water. It looks like such a quiet place to have a relaxing sit or stroll with good food and company. Hope you had a good day there 🙂

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