Three Thoughts on Three Caves event venue

Three Thoughts on Three Caves event venue

1. ViewPoints Near the Three Caves event venue is the Three Caves Trailhead at Monte Sano Nature Preserve. Here you will find the Three Caves loop. You will be able to see the cavity of Three Caves from an aerial view. It is just as beautiful from the top as it is standing in the center.
2. Accessibility: Three Caves is not accessible unless there is a Land Trust event going on. Concerts are held throughout the year and there you can experience the striking beauty of Three Caves. Also the Land Trusts hosts trail maintenance volunteer work – this is another opportunity to experience Three Caves as @landtrustnal land stewards will escort volunteers to the ground level of Three Caves
3. Distinctions. According to @LandTrustNAL The area known as Three Caves is not a cave at all, but a limestone mine. It served as a quarry in the 1950s. Since 1989 Three Caves has been managed  by the Land Trust of North Alabama. And, despite its man-made origin, geological formations such as flowstone, cave pearls, stalactites, and stalagmites have formed. According to Urban Exploration Resource,3 caves has 40+ foot ceilings,
Jim Torres,  film director of 2008 post-Apocalypse film,  20 Years After, shot portions of the Independent film at Three Caves
Take a look at this Three Caves Video
Many options and many places to explore at the Land Trust of North Alabama Monte Sano Preserve
Spend an hour or spend a day. Hikes and explorations are plentiful at Land Trust of North Alabama Monte Sano Preserve.


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