4 Memories from the 2017 solar eclipse

I had the privilege of experiencing the 2017 solar eclipse in the path of totality within the state of Tennessee — specifically Lebanon, Tennessee, just southeast of Nashville.
Shout out to my son for helping me understand and comprehend the magnitude of the event and getting me involved in the excitement. His planned eclipse excursion with a friend flopped and I stepped in as a surrogate.

We drove two hours to Lebanon, Tennessee and staged our siting in Cedars of Lebanon State Park. People from across the U.S. were there and we mingled with folks from Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New York.

Here are my 4 most significant takeaways.

1. Seconds prior to the eclipse it was eerily quiet and still and silent. The wind stopped blowing. The trees stopped moving. There was an unusual sunset. The temperature dropped significantly. The iconic southern humidity ceased momentarily.

2. It was a spiritual experience. Call it Sonshine. To see the eclipse is to witness the presence of Jesus Christ and be engulfed by the Holy Spirit and to embrace the handiwork of God’s creation. Never again will I peer at the sun without replaying my solar eclipse experience. I can now only think of God’s power when I see the sun.

3. I realized how much light the sun can generate. Amazingly — just prior to total darkness — even with just a hairline slither of sun — it was strikingly bright outside.

4. It was unifying. Amid the current swath of cultural division, racial strife, and socio-economic disparity, the onlookers had a morning and an afternoon of unity. Everyone was cheering together. Standing shoulder to shoulder in the crowds. There were oohs and aahs as one culture stirred together by the wonder of atmospheric events. Despite our separateness, the eclipse glued us as one if only for a day.


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2 thoughts on “4 Memories from the 2017 solar eclipse

  1. This is awesome thank you for including us. I always enjoying following you on your trips and I love your photos. keep me posted. Thank you!


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