Why you need to visit Hambrick Bat Cave

If you have heard the expression, “flying like a bat out of H—” you can witness that imagery near Lake Guntersville’s Hambrick Bat Cave. While entrance to the cave is prohibited, you can get close enough to see the bats zooming out.
Unphiltered Kayaking  offers a delightful kayak tour to the Hambrick Bat Cave. We put out from TVA Lake Guntersville Recreation Area. And we paddled about 45 minutes to the mouth of cave. At twilight, the  beginnings of about 20,000 bats emerged. I was taken by their small size and fast speed. The was an ongoing and continuous emergence as we watched them for about a half hour. With headlamps on and with a full moon in view, we paddled back toward Guntersville Dam. The July night weather was crisp and cool. The bright lights from the dam illuminated the water.
Significant details about Hambrick Bat Cave have been written by Huntsville Outdoors and USA TodayOn his YouTube page, Doug Clark posted a fabulous on-the-water video of Guntersville Lake kayaking and Hambrick Bat Cave.

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