Grow up to be a tour guide

Who knew?

Who knew that all of my research experience, all of my public speaking experience and all of my teaching experience could be bundled together to equip me to be a tour guide? My inherent skill set, teamed with a certification from International Tour Management Institute is my lauchpad for sharing the world with others.

My “aha” moment came when I was on a tour of the Pacific Northwest and I discovered that many of the tour leader’s strengths, were characteristics that I also possessed: People love. Travel love. Knowledge sharing. Management skill.

So what does it take to be a tour guide? Ask yourself these questions:

  • I love the company of people (Yes!)
  • I enjoy traveling–locally, regionally or beyond (Yes!)
  • I love exploring new spaces and places (Yes!)
  • I love sharing knowledge with others (Yes!).
  • I have the skill of management and organization (Well, kinda).

If you can say “yes” to most of the questions, then you are ready to reach out to International Tour Management Institute. (ITMI)

My experience with ITMI is life-changing. I became part of a family of passionate people and I discovered capabilities I did not know that I possessed.  ITMI provides knowledge, know-how, real-world experience, teambuilding, support and resources.

The way that you enter ITMI will not be the way you leave. You will transform. You will morph. You will look at images of yourself and ask, “Who is that and how did she learn to do that?”

ITMI taught me so many pathways to travel: walking tours, destination management, destination marketing, meet & greet as well as over-the-road tours.

So. Do your self-evaluation. Think deeply within. Figure out if you have key traits. And open up a whole world of exploration for yourself.

Who knows, you might actually grow up to be a tour guide!

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Learn to be a tour guide
Sharing local history with visitors to the Hidden Gardens of Old Town tour
Learn to be a tour guide
Serving as a tour guide for the Hidden Gardens of Old Town tour
Learn to be a tour guide
Answering questions and sharing knowledge along the Hidden Gardens of Old Town tour
Learn how to lead tours
Leading a tour of a historic slave cemetery

Let me hear from you; I love what you have to say.

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