About the monthly Travel Blessings Challenge

Be honest. During some of your travel journeys, you have experienced an amazing blessing. You received something; you were protected from something; you discovered something. Blessings are little surprises. Think tiny gifts from God.

A google search defines “Blessings” as

“God’s favor and protection”

“A beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being”



This challenge aims at telling about a travel blessing. Perhaps it was a perk or an upgrade; maybe it was finding something that got lost; perchance it was the kindness of a stranger or possibly it was protection from looming danger.

Here is the place to give your account of your travel blessing, if you like, add an image.


The Travel Blessings Challenge will occur monthly. There will be a monthly prompt. But if you are bursting at the seams to share your Travel Blessing, it is OK if it does not align with the monthly prompt.  Prompt suggestions are welcome so send them this way.

I will attempt to highlight two or three travel blessings from followers for each month’s prompt.


Upcoming prompts for the monthly TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE: perks, weather, lost & found, individuals, danger, protection, once-in-a-lifetime, answered prayer. Prompt suggestions are welcome so send them this way


There are two primary thrusts for the TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE: Travel. & Blessings.  A) Tell a travel story. B) Tell a travel story in which a blessing occurred. If you like, add an image.

Join me in this month’s TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE. Five easy steps:

  • Create a new post titled “Travel Blessings: [the month’s topic]”
  • Tag your post #TravelBlessings
  • Include a link back to this post -or-
  • Share a link to your contribution in a comment on this post

Stay tuned. The TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE will launch each month. Remember to follow my blog for updated posts.