One of my favorite movie quotes is from A Bugs Life (1998). The Ants were given a deadline. They were told their deadline occurs "When the Last Leaf Falls". I often think of that movie quote in the autumn of the year as leaves rapidly make their way to the ground.  I thought of that … Continue reading Leaflessness


The fields are white unto harvest

When I see cotton in the fields in the fall of the year my mind returns to Jesus Christ's quotation found in the Bible in the Gospel of John, Chapter 4:35 "The fields are white unto harvest" For me, this verse means that opportunity awaits. Opportunity to reap. Opportunity to gather. Opportunity to make a … Continue reading The fields are white unto harvest

Why you need to visit Hambrick Bat Cave

If you have heard the expression, "flying like a bat out of H---" you can witness that imagery near Lake Guntersville's Hambrick Bat Cave. While entrance to the cave is prohibited, you can get close enough to see the bats zooming out. Unphiltered Kayaking  offers a delightful kayak tour to the Hambrick Bat Cave. We put … Continue reading Why you need to visit Hambrick Bat Cave

Three Thoughts on Three Caves event venue

Three Thoughts on Three Caves event venue 1. ViewPoints Near the Three Caves event venue is the Three Caves Trailhead at Monte Sano Nature Preserve. Here you will find the Three Caves loop. You will be able to see the cavity of Three Caves from an aerial view. It is just as beautiful from the top … Continue reading Three Thoughts on Three Caves event venue

Five Fun Facts About Lake Guntersville Recreation Area

Five Facts About Lake Guntersville Recreation Area 1. Make a Getaway. I like to describe a place as "If you go you won't see anyone that you know". Such is Lake Guntersville Recreation Area. It is quiet. Unbothered. Serene. Peaceful. 2. Immerse in Greenspace. The lawns are lush. Plenty of room for kids to romp … Continue reading Five Fun Facts About Lake Guntersville Recreation Area

Waiting beside still water

Lessons learned from Water Fowl

Lessons learned from water fowl: I happened upon three species of waterfowl while visiting Big Spring Park in Huntsville, Alabama. Each species - Geese, Egret - Ducks - were waiting beside still water. Neither species immediately dived in at the moment I was there. I watched them carefully and it was as if their were … Continue reading Waiting beside still water

4 Fun Features of Alms House Trail at Monte Sano Preserve

Four fun Facts about Alms House Trail at Monte Sano Preserve 1. Rocky & Remote. Get ready for a fun, fast, textured hike. the trails are rocky sometimes, but isn't that the nature of a hike! The trails offer a  serene & peaceful getaway just moments away from bustling downtown. 2. Loop Options. I accessed the … Continue reading 4 Fun Features of Alms House Trail at Monte Sano Preserve

The Bark of the Bald Cypress

I had the privilege of learning about bark of the Bald Cypress while visiting Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge in Decatur, Alabama. The Bald Cypress wood is rot-resistant and its strength enables it to withstand strong winds without overturning. Plus, according the National Wildlife Refuge, “Since they tend to grow along rivers and in wetlands, they … Continue reading The Bark of the Bald Cypress

Travel Theme: March: Marching for Voting Rights

Fifty years ago in March 1965, marchers sought to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in an effort to achieve the right to register to vote.  The first attempt is remembered as Bloody Sunday because the peaceful protest evolved in to law enforcement beating marchers with billy clubs and blood ran in the […]

Which Way Challenge 1/16/17

I enjoy reading signs and I fell in love with this path marker yesterday at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. In order to fully experience the Whooping Cranes and the Sandhill Cranes, observers were encouraged to keep the noise down. Check out Cee’s Which Way Challenge for inspiration on signs, paths, roads, bridges, etc.