Lighthouses of the Outer Banks

Outer Banks, North Carolina, March 2010 We got to experience 3 of the 5 famed lighthouses along North Carolina’s Outer Banks. We began at the most accessible southernmost point and worked our way north. From Kill Devil Hills (near Nags Head), we drove down to Hatteras Village and caught the ferry to Ocracoke Island. Ocracoke … Continue reading Lighthouses of the Outer Banks


Loving Lighthouses

I enjoy the reminiscent beauty of a lighthouse. They are majestic and functional. These photos were taken over various periods of time. New England in 2013-2014, North Carolina in 2010, Florida in 2009, Michigan in 2014. God's word is like a lighthouse ... it illuminates and directs. When we are wayward, God's word steers us … Continue reading Loving Lighthouses

The Marginal Way

The Marginal Way The Marginal Way is a coastal footpath in Ogunquit, Maine. Words cannot describe God's magnificent beauty displayed here. There is a walkway beside the rocky shore. Its a brief walk but its majesty compels you to stop every  few seconds just to take it all in. These photos are a feeble attempt … Continue reading The Marginal Way

Shores across New England

I love the beach. Any time of year. Of course, it is better when it is sunny, but I cherish every moment at the shore. I love the roar of the waves. I love the cyclic motion of the water. I enjoy watching the birds skip through puddles. I also enjoy discovering the difference in … Continue reading Shores across New England

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula — St. Ignace

The "mighty" Mackinac Bridge connecting the upper & lower peninsula On Saturday, May 31st, we travelled to Michigan's upper peninsula. We left Livonia at around 11:30 and got stuck in traffic on our way to I-75. We got to I-75 around 12:30. It is nearly a 4 hour drive up I-75. We arrived in the … Continue reading Michigan’s Upper Peninsula — St. Ignace

Connecticut Coastlines

I'm so glad I had the privilege of seeing the Connecticut coast, I only wish time allowed me to see more. Drove to the ATM in Old Saybook. Did not visit any coast there, unfortunately. The beaches are often tucked away in neighborhood or heavily wooded areas. Got to visit Giant Neck And McCook, both … Continue reading Connecticut Coastlines

So what’s the difference?

I've noticed a few strange things on this travel journey.BEACHESHere, you have  to pay to go to the beach. sometimes there is admission for entrance, sometimes there is fee for parking. many beaches are in the neighborhood and owned by the town.ANTSthe ants I saw in Chesterfield,CT yesterday were gigantic......think A BUGS LIFE!    There were … Continue reading So what’s the difference?