Over St. Louis

The iconic St. Louis Arch -- formally known as the "Jefferson National Expansion Memorial" or "The Gateway Arch" towers over downtown and can be seen miles away. No matter how many times I experience this engineering marvel designed by Eero Saarinen , it always makes my jaw drop in wonder and amazement. I thank God for every … Continue reading Over St. Louis


The Great Plains

What? You drove to South Dakota? By God's amazing mercy and by God's amazing Grace and by abundant protection, we embarked on a road trip over Memorial Day weekend and put 2300 miles on a rental car. I celebrate God for guiding, protecting and providing. It was quite the Great American Roadtrip over the Great … Continue reading The Great Plains

Gateway to the west

Saturday, October 19th, we enjoyed Corban's company in downtown Saint Louis. Our first stop was the newly opened International Photographic Hall of Fame.(IPHF) It is an array of historic photographic equipment plus noted photography on display. Can you believe this first edition of Sports Illustrated and the high-technology lense of the year 1964 A fascinating morning … Continue reading Gateway to the west

Saint Louis March 2014

St. Louis March 2014 This trip took us to several places we had not visited before. By the grace of God we arrived safely on Friday March 14th at our beloved Drury Inn. We picked up my son from his workplace at CTRAIN and headed over to the Saint Louis Art Museum. I had always … Continue reading Saint Louis March 2014