Travel Blessings: Lost & Found

If you have ever lost something while travelling, you share a common thread that runs among humanity when something gets lost. It is a sick feeling. A moment of panic. A flush of worry. A simultaneous flood physical and emotional illness. It is bad when you lose something at home; it is worse when you are travelling because of the likelihood that you will be whisked away before the vanished item is recovered.]

Providence at Providence

My definition of Providence is the provision of God for his people: ordering, establishing and providing what they need A funny thing happened at the Providence Airport that I have to tell you about. God showed up and showed out. It all started at the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, VT. The last stop of … Continue reading Providence at Providence

rental car

right now I'm at the Providence Airport. rental car return was hairy.the rental car return Is like 5 blocks away from the airport. the signage was very poor. it was difficult to return the car to the proper place. extremely confusing. The Chrysler 200 convertible was a great ride, even though the weather did not … Continue reading rental car