Travel Blessings: Lost & Found

If you have ever lost something while travelling, you share a common thread that runs among humanity when something gets lost. It is a sick feeling. A moment of panic. A flush of worry. A simultaneous flood physical and emotional illness. It is bad when you lose something at home; it is worse when you are travelling because of the likelihood that you will be whisked away before the vanished item is recovered.]

The Road Taken: Stormy Weather

It was the mid 1980s. I was a young driver without a lot of stormy weather driving experience. My BFF, Paulette, and I were having a girls weekend in Cloudland Canyon, one of the Georgia State Parks in the rugged mountains region in the northwest corner of the state. The roads are narrow, the turns … Continue reading The Road Taken: Stormy Weather

Travel Blessings Challenge

It's here. Join in my Travel Blessings Challenge. Be honest. During some of your travel journeys, you have experienced an amazing blessing. You received something; you were protected from something; you discovered something. Blessings are little surprises. Think tiny gifts from God. Read my Travel Blessings Post here. This month's theme is Weather Facebook & Email followers are … Continue reading Travel Blessings Challenge

Travel Blessings: Perks

It was 1988. I was traveling with a group from work to Nassau, Bahamas for the weekend. All of us checked in at the same time. When I opened the door to my room, I had been given the penthouse suite on the top floor overlooking the clear blue Caribbean waters and white sandy beach. … Continue reading Travel Blessings: Perks