Geo-Thermal Heat at Yellowstone.

Videos illustrate how much Yellowstone's Lower Geyser Basin is other-worldly. Filled with thermal features, there are Vast spaces of gurgling grounds.


Chihuly Color

The brilliant colors of Dale Chihuly glasswork is always distinctive and recognizable. The artist chooses bright and dramatic hues to compel the viewer to look closer. This image was taken at Union Station in Tacoma, Washington in July 2014 . I enjoy participating in the Travel Theme Challenge hosted by Where's My Backpack. This week's theme is colors.

Over St. Louis

The iconic St. Louis Arch -- formally known as the "Jefferson National Expansion Memorial" or "The Gateway Arch" towers over downtown and can be seen miles away. No matter how many times I experience this engineering marvel designed by Eero Saarinen , it always makes my jaw drop in wonder and amazement. I thank God for every … Continue reading Over St. Louis

Benson Bubblers: Four-bowled Fountain

One of the icons of Portland, Oregon are the Benson Bubblers scattered around downtown. This particular location is on the campus of Portland State University. The four-bowled bronze drinking fountains are named after business leader & philanthropist Simon Benson, who funded their construction in 1912. I enjoy participating in the weekly travel theme challenge hosted by … Continue reading Benson Bubblers: Four-bowled Fountain

Sacagawea : Travel Theme : Women

Let's celebrate Women's History Month with a tribute to Sacagawea: one of my favorite historical people. Sacagawea is the woman who helped explorers Meriweather Lewis and William Clark navigate the American West. I treasure Sacajawea for several reasons. First, she was not intimated being the single female in the company of men. Second, she exuded … Continue reading Sacagawea : Travel Theme : Women

The Path of the Trailblazer

I really like this image; it appears the hiker is blazing his own trail as there is no defined path amongst the tumbled rocks. This is  from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. I enjoy participating in the weekly challenge hosted by Where's My Backpack; this week's travel theme is "Path"  

The Bark of the Bald Cypress

I had the privilege of learning about bark of the Bald Cypress while visiting Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge in Decatur, Alabama. The Bald Cypress wood is rot-resistant and its strength enables it to withstand strong winds without overturning. Plus, according the National Wildlife Refuge, “Since they tend to grow along rivers and in wetlands, they … Continue reading The Bark of the Bald Cypress

Montana Turquoise

Wednesday, July 15, 2015, near Helena, Montana While traveling with #GAdventures, we camped at TOWNSEND / CANYON FERRY LAKE KOA on Silos Road in Townsend, Montana. One striking detail is the presence of TeePees at the campground. The unmistakable G Adventures turquoise tents surrounding the tee-pees provide a whimsical foreground for the Big Belt Mountains … Continue reading Montana Turquoise

Travel Theme: March: Marching for Voting Rights

Fifty years ago in March 1965, marchers sought to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in an effort to achieve the right to register to vote.  The first attempt is remembered as Bloody Sunday because the peaceful protest evolved in to law enforcement beating marchers with billy clubs and blood ran in the […]

Travel theme: Walking

Walking to and from the venue is all a part of the travel experience. As for the pre-walk, the anticipation is intense as the plans are falling into place. With the post-walk, it is all about reflection and envisioning what you’d do differently the next time. I enjoy the weekly Travel Theme challenge hosted by Where's … Continue reading Travel theme: Walking