Chihuly Color

The brilliant colors of Dale Chihuly glasswork is always distinctive and recognizable. The artist chooses bright and dramatic hues to compel the viewer to look closer. This image was taken at Union Station in Tacoma, Washington in July 2014 . I enjoy participating in the Travel Theme Challenge hosted by Where's My Backpack. This week's theme is colors.


Paradise Inn + Tacoma + Seattle

Wednesday, July 16th Again an early start to the day. Paradise Morning The day began with an early morning walk to continue to bask in the God's Glory surrounding Paradise Inn & Mount Rainier. My bags were packed and I left the room to circle the grounds. On my way I met two staffers. First, … Continue reading Paradise Inn + Tacoma + Seattle

The smallest state

Have I been to Delaware? Well, yes.Have I been to Delaware as a tourist? Not really.Yes, I breezed through Delaware circa 1972. Below you will see an extremely grainy image of me. I was accompanying my dad on a Great Brown Family adventure. He had a huge sedan with no less than four teens in … Continue reading The smallest state