The Shoreline of Jenny Lake: Grand Teton

My favorite part of Grand Teton National Park was walking along the footpath that bordered Jenny Lake. It was lush, green and very narrow. Walking single-file was imperative. The stillness of the silent water provided a perfect compliment to the rising height and jagged edges of the Grand Teton range. How I wished I had time to circle the entire lake from the visitor center and back. I just praise God for the privilege of seeing, smelling, hearing and touching the sights, sounds and grandeur of Grand Teton National Park. Continue reading The Shoreline of Jenny Lake: Grand Teton

Kepler Cascade : Yellowstone National Park : Day 3

Kepler Cascades, Day 3, July 17, 2015 According to, Kepler Cascades is located about two miles south of Old Faithful Village.  The cascades are viewable from a roadside pullout. This three-tiered cascade drops over 50 feet as the Firehole River flows North. The Kepler Cascades were actually named in 1881 for the 12 year old son of Wyoming’s territorial governor, Kepler Hoyt, who toured the park with his father, Governor John Hoyt. Continue reading Kepler Cascade : Yellowstone National Park : Day 3

Boiling Mud? Yellowstone: Day 2

  Thursday July 16, 2015 Imagine a massive pot of boiling sand colored mud. Loud. Gurgling. Giant Bubbles. Such is the area of Yellowstone National Park called the Mud Volcano Area. The video here focuses on the Dragon’s Mouth; the name is truly befitting. Read more about the Mud Volcano area here at HIKESPEAK.COM. Join in my  monthly challenge called TRAVEL BLESSINGS. This link gives details. Your stories are treasured and you have a platform to share. Continue reading Boiling Mud? Yellowstone: Day 2