One of my favorite movie quotes is from A Bugs Life (1998). The Ants were given a deadline. They were told their deadline occurs "When the Last Leaf Falls". I often think of that movie quote in the autumn of the year as leaves rapidly make their way to the ground.  I thought of that … Continue reading Leaflessness

The fields are white unto harvest

When I see cotton in the fields in the fall of the year my mind returns to Jesus Christ's quotation found in the Bible in the Gospel of John, Chapter 4:35 "The fields are white unto harvest" For me, this verse means that opportunity awaits. Opportunity to reap. Opportunity to gather. Opportunity to make a … Continue reading The fields are white unto harvest

Boston Skyline

With the Boston cityscape in the background, the Charles River in the center and the MIT campus in the foreground, this image offers a perspective of scale. My favorite pare of this photo are the colorful sailboats that dot the vast river flowing through the city. This week's Daily Post Challenge is on the topic … Continue reading Boston Skyline

Greens at Green Meadow Farm

September 2014 A delightful tour of Green Meadow Farm in South Hamilton, Massachusetts showcased the truest of organic greens like kale, lettuce, beets, asian greens, spinach, arugula,  cabbage, carrots, brussels sprouts. The fields were green and ripe for harvest.  I enjoy posting in the weekly photo challenge hosted by The Daily Post. This week's theme … Continue reading Greens at Green Meadow Farm

The Road Taken: Stormy Weather

It was the mid 1980s. I was a young driver without a lot of stormy weather driving experience. My BFF, Paulette, and I were having a girls weekend in Cloudland Canyon, one of the Georgia State Parks in the rugged mountains region in the northwest corner of the state. The roads are narrow, the turns … Continue reading The Road Taken: Stormy Weather

Roses and Thorns

The Frist Museum in Nashville TN features an exterior exhibit of roses accompanied by thorns and bugs. Entitled "Rose on 65th Street" by Sculptor Will Ryman, the exhibit is compelling and attention-grabbing. My favorite part, if you look closely, is the black bug (top) and white bug (bottom) crawling on the stem.   https://youtu.be/YVnHrBYz0_8 I … Continue reading Roses and Thorns

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful: Sandhill Crane

What can be more graceful than the Sandhill Crane in mid-flight? Read more about The Sandhill Crane; listen to the song of the Sandhill Crane; meet a Whooping Crane and behold his gracefulness. On February 4th, I’m launching a monthly challenge called TRAVEL BLESSINGS. This link gives details. Your stories are treasured and you have a platform … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful: Sandhill Crane