Travel Blessings Challenge: Weather

It was the mid 1980s. I was a young driver without a lot of bad weather driving experience. My  BFF, Paulette, and I were having a girls weekend in Cloudland Canyon, one of the Georgia State Parks in the rugged mountains region in the northwest corner of the state. The roads are narrow, the turns are curvy and at points the elevations reach 1800 feet.

The winding roads along Cloudland Canyon
The winding roads along Cloudland Canyon

On one occasion we were driving on a lonely road and a thunderstorm hit suddenly (think pre-Weather Channel). The downpour was so fierce that there was zero visibility. The windshield wipers became insignificant and we prayed our way down the mountain.

A view from the interior of the car, you can see the windshield wipers, prior to the downpour

While many other weather events have occurred since then while travelling, I always point back to that precise moment. I know God helped me drive and I know God kept us safe. That is a travel blessing for which I am eternally grateful. No matter how bad the storm, I know it can never be worse than the Cloudland Canyon event.

Our cabin in Cloudland Canyon State Park

Now it is your chance to tell your story. What travel blessing occurred when you were on your journey? Were you protected from horrible weather conditions? Were you spared in a train, plane, auto or watercraft? Post & comment as noted below.




There are two primary thrusts for the TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE: Travel. Blessings.  A) Tell a travel story. B) Tell a travel story in which a blessing occurred. Should you desire, include an image.

Join me in this month’s TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE. Four easy steps:

  • Create a new post titled “Travel Blessings: WEATHER”, include an image if you desire
  • Tag your post #TravelBlessings
  • Include a link back to this post -or-
  • Share a link to your contribution in a comment on this post

Stay tuned. The TRAVEL BLESSINGS CHALLENGE is monthly. Remember to follow my blog for updated posts.


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