Why you need to know Phillis Wheatley


August 2017 A tribute to Phillis Wheatley  is at the Boston Women’s Memorial along Commonwealth Avneue Mall. Phillis Wheatley, was the first published African-American female poet. Phillis Wheatley was sold into slavery at the age of seven or eight and transported to North America. She was purchased by the Wheatley family  of Boston who taught her to … Continue reading Why you need to know Phillis Wheatley


Corinth, MS

May 2015 A pit-stop in Corinth proved very interesting.  There you will find a Civil War Interpretive Center operated by the National Park Service. Corinth is at a crossroad -- there is a railroad that intersects the Mobile & Ohio line with the Memphis & Charleston line. You can see the railroad from the building. … Continue reading Corinth, MS

Bloody Sunday 2015

March 2015 Fifty years ago in March 1965, marchers sought to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in an effort to achieve the right to register to vote.  The first attempt is remembered as Bloody Sunday because the peaceful protest evolved in to law enforcement beating marchers with billy clubs and blood ran … Continue reading Bloody Sunday 2015


March 2015 My son and I had the privilege to experience the 50th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march in Selma, Alabama commemorating the fight for voting rights. The day began as we left our accommodations in nearby Prattville, Alabama, about an hour’s drive from Selma. My primary concern was parking, and by the grace … Continue reading Selma

A Time Traveller’s Collage: Black Life in the 1950’s

Two years ago, hours before my dad's funeral, I stumbled upon his dusty collection of black & white photographs. I knew he was a photographer in his younger years, but I had never seen his early work. It was quite an array. Portraits. Events. Contact Sheets. Neighborhood. Even a man-on-the-scene coverage of a train derailment. … Continue reading A Time Traveller’s Collage: Black Life in the 1950’s

Bessie Coleman : Travel Theme : Women

March 2009 Meet Bessie Coleman: One of my favorite places at the Wilber & Orville Wright Memorial is the Wall of Fame paying tribute to famous aviators. I was so pleased to see and read about famed flyer Bessie Coleman, the first black woman licensed pilot. She and other are honor as historical notables in … Continue reading Bessie Coleman : Travel Theme : Women

Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center.

Original Post Written June 2014 Think Travyon Martin.  Think Jordan Davis. Think Oscar Grant at Fruitvale Station. Think Central Park Five. OK. Now rewind the clock 80 years. And envision life in the South. It is 1931 . Enter the Scottsboro Boys. In all of these cases young men were mercilessly falsely accused. Lives were … Continue reading Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center.

Scenethat’s Favorite Spots on MIT Campus

OK. I haven't seen all of MIT's campus and I've only been there twice. However there are some spots that grew on me. Places where I was awestruck and places that I tried really hard to re-visit. There is so much to see. What is your favorite place in the Boston/Cambridge area? https://youtu.be/xJlmK3D33hg

3 experiences at Cedars of Lebanon State Park on from Solar Eclipse Day 2017

It was at Lebanon, Tennessee, in the path of totality, that I experienced #SolarEclipse2017. The stage was Cedars of Lebanon State Park and I wanted to record my memories of the day Huge Crowds: Folks from across the United States landed in Lebanon. I met folks from Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Virginia. There … Continue reading 3 experiences at Cedars of Lebanon State Park on from Solar Eclipse Day 2017

Kayaking from Lake Guntersville Recreation Area

Kayaking from Lake Guntersville Recreation Area Unphiltered Kayaking offers an array of tours for all skill levels. As a first timer, Phil and Cindy were kind and patient. We put out from the Tennessee Valley Authority Lake Guntersville Recreation area. We were on the water about 2 hours. It was a delightful evening tour which … Continue reading Kayaking from Lake Guntersville Recreation Area


One of my favorite movie quotes is from A Bugs Life (1998). The Ants were given a deadline. They were told their deadline occurs "When the Last Leaf Falls". I often think of that movie quote in the autumn of the year as leaves rapidly make their way to the ground.  I thought of that … Continue reading Leaflessness